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Keyword Secrets – How To Do Keyword Research

Posted on June 2, 2011
By Rory Siems

When we first started doing SEO, there were 2 options for doing keyword research, there was the Google Adwords tool, and Wordtracker. Wordtracker became a paid subscription site, and unless you are doing PPC which requires a constant review, and re-review of your keywords, a subscription tool for keyword research does not make sense. Still,…

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Check Your Google Rank

Posted on May 7, 2011
By Rory Siems

Looking for a list of decent rank checking software to see where your website stacks up? Here is a quick list of great tools to check your Google rank across a ton of keywords: SEO Cockpit Rank Checker – Server Based, Charges by Size of Keyword Portfolio Cute Rank – Desktop Based, Unlimited Keywords, but…

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My Checklist to Troubleshoot Poor or Non-Existent Rankings

Posted By Rory Siems on April 26, 2011

This is a follow up post to Why Your Website Still Isn’t Ranking this is simply the quick form checklist to make sure that you are covering all of your bases when your site and pages are not ranking for a given keyword. Here are the steps: Identify the keyword Find the page on your…

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Why your Website Still Isn’t Ranking

Posted By Rory Siems on 

Our clients who experience the best results with the SEO process are those that are engaged and participating in the success along with us. We will often have clients see a report and realize that their website doesn’t rank for a handful of keywords. While we may have them on the first page or even…

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The Keys to SEO Blogging

Posted By Rory Siems on March 14, 2011

The success of any website is going to be determined by the amount of traffic that it can generate. If you want your blog to generate more traffic, you are going to have to utilize SEO Techniques. But what is SEO, and how can I use it to bring my blog traffic? Search Engine Optimization….

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How to Use Keyword Tools to Get SEO Placement

Posted By Rory Siems on July 12, 2010

There are many parts to a good website and a successful online business. The most important is a good product or service, one that people can trust, one that has value and one that fits into a particular marketing niche. Even the most perfect product or service will not sell if people can’t find it….

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Search Engine Keywords – Are You Using the Right Ones?

Posted By Rory Siems on May 14, 2010

Search engines can be a website owner’s best friend, but if you’re not using the right search engine keywords you’re never going to get the traffic you need. How do you know which keywords to use and how can you make sure the search engines pick up on them? First and foremost, it’s important to…

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3 Tips for Proper Keyword Density

Posted By Rory Siems on April 12, 2010

We all know the importance of using keywords in our articles on our websites. Using the right keywords will help to bring in traffic. But did you know that the amount of times you use a keyword in an article could affect its ranking with different search engines? If you want to bring traffic to…

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SEO Keywords and Analytics Tools…A MUST!

Posted By Rory Siems on February 10, 2010

If you own a business, you probably know the importance of location. You have probably heard people say that the success of your business is all about your location, location, location. But if you own an internet business, how can you put yourself in the right place? The best way for you to put your…

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