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Bing VS Google

Posted on December 16, 2012
By Rien

The title almost sounds like a court case – Bing VS Google.  The way things are looking with all of the drama, it seems like the only resolution may come from going to court. There used to be a time not too long ago when the online search world was very simple.  Remember search engines…

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Google Communities – A Place For Everyone

Posted on December 7, 2012
By Rien

Google is at it again.  It seems like the more and more Google comes out with, the more and more it feels as if they are taking over the world.  Okay, slight exaggeration but not really when you look at how many people use their services. Chances are you probably use Gmail, Google search or…

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Is Google In Trouble – Again?

Posted By Rien on October 15, 2012

Remember that kid in school that everyone wanted to hang out with because he was so cunningly smart?  Not so much book smart, because he was definitely that, but smart in all of the cool kinds of ways as well.  People also used to steer clear of this kid because his intellect would also get…

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Could Google Maps Get Even Better? Yes It Can

Posted By Rien on 

There has been a phenomenon that has been sweeping maps users across the nation – Google Maps.  If you are one of the few who has yet to take a look at the power (not to mention coolness factor) of Google Maps then you need to. Not only is it a great way to map…

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Why Google’s Panda and Penguin Attack Work in Your Favor

Posted By Rien on June 20, 2012

By now you are probably already familiar with Google’s latest search engine sweeps – The Panda and Penguin attacks.  These updates to their search engine algorithm had very specific intentions, which was to weed out the garbage and reward website owners who were building their online properties how they should have in the first place…

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The Key to Staying in Google’s Good Graces – Quality Content

Posted By Rien on June 13, 2012

This day was sure to come.  Granted it may have taken longer than expected, but it was only a matter of time.  For years, Google has suffered through marketers gaming the system. Sites that had quality content were nowhere near the first page, while others with spun content and thousands of back links rocketed straight…

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What’s next for Google?

Posted By Donna on August 24, 2011

Google has become the most profitable and fastest-growing search engine by spinning its techno magic at a record pace in today’s highly competitive search market. When Google went public its value was leveraged to approximately $1.67 billion; resulting in a soaring of its stock prices and consequently a doubling of its revenue to just over…

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Is Google Killing Search?

Posted By Rory Siems on July 26, 2011

Is Google Killing Search? A writer from Fox News thinks that there are at least 3 ways Google is killing search. This writer who pays $0 for the fantastic free services provided by Google has plenty of complaints. Or does he? Is this just a case of a sensational headline that needed an article? He…

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Why Traffic from Social Media Has Highest Bounce Rate

Posted By Donna on July 21, 2011

Many small business websites and e-commerce sites that are using a lead generation blog to direct traffic are noticing they are experiencing higher bounce rates. More often than not this is due to the fact that most visitors are clicking on only to view recent post. Even if they do subscribe to a blog via…

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Beating Google Webmaster Tools into Utter Submission

Posted By Rory Siems on May 17, 2011

If you have never heard of Google Webmaster Tools, you should learn it now! Use it with your website to get a ton of really useful information directly from Google about your website. Then you should go to battle with Google using the data that they gave you. We decided to move our site from…

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